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Is discovering your UVP important?

UVP, an abbreviation the often appear in strategic positioning / marketing materials nowadays. UVP = Unique Value Proposition. In layman terms, it means the unique value that you can offer which your competitor cannot; usually one that people can help to identify as you. (For a more proper definition, please search online in professional marketing documents. )

So how important is UVP for an artist? Some artists has a UVP clear to the clients but blind to themselves.

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For example, a contemporary sociable artist had a few good seasons of sales by hosting events and dinners with groups of clients. And he decided to open up a gallery and sell privately instead. However, it contradicts his expectation and the sales drop quite a lot.

What happens here is he thought his UVP are his arts and the inspiration or story behind the art pieces. However, what his client treasures more is the environment he created for people of similar interest to interact and social. So without the events and dinners, his sales were affected.

So to be an artist that is profitable, it is a combination of your Artwork (unique style or not), your personality (interesting or not), and other hidden values that you can offer.

Some hidden value to customers you can check out:

1. The joy/ opportunity to meet you in person

2. Your artwork holds value in auction house.

3. You have a strong social network

4. You are humorous.

5. The message you convey through your art is important to your clients as well.

6. Your art make great gift for others in terms of style or price.

7. Your art style is good for decoration purpose and suits the current interior design trend.

8. They love you as a person because you are doing meaningful things in your life, and by paying for your work, it also mean that they are supporting for good causes.

9. By buying your artwork, it brings media exposure to the client themselves! This is more relevant for famous pieces.

10. They just enjoy looking at how you creat your pieces, because it sparks joy.

Perhaps there are more to this hidden value list. share and comment to let us know how you develop as an artist!

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