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YANG = Your Artist Nurturing Ground

We believe in collaborating and helping others succeed. Starting from jewellery designers, we are extending to other creative professions. A truthful outsider who is not bias nor emotional to provide positive and constructive feedbacks in your business.

We are professionals in each of our industry, but in fact, a lot of times, problems are solved and opportunities are discovered by outsiders. That is mainly because being new to a problem, one do not have pre-assumption, thus may think out of the box.

Our team believe that work should be meaningful to you as a creative, this will make the process so much more enjoyable. We are curious, positive, and  aware of the changes in the market.

We also think when two people discuss the same topic, it is multiplication, not addition. Given the conversation was held with respect, gratitude and an objective mind.

Are one of us? You may contact us if you would like to join hands in brainstorming for others.

For those who are interested in our service, go ahead to try the quick consultation, is short and you will have a taste of whether this is for you.


We care about your copyrights,
because we design as well.

In fact, confidentiality is not limited to your designs, but also your stories, your background, and for sure your business model. It is a part of being a professional listener and guide.  Respecting other's ideas and privacy is the basics of trust. 

So if you love our service and see the between us, you would be more than welcome to email your testimonial to us. Your satisfaction meant a lot to us.

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