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Are you suitable to be famous?

What kind of artist or designer are you?

Few people get famous without mentioning their works.

Some people get famous, as well as their works.

A lot of products or arts get famous, but the creator did not.

So which situation are you at?

There are some qualities or personality traits that would facilitate the “being famous” path. May be one who do not mind standing in the spot light, or one who is comfortable to speak in front of groups of audience. A lot of times, dressing pleasant and being tidy in front of others is a good plus disregard the common misconception of creative talent are messy. Let’s list a few things.

1. Expressive in terms of language.

2. Do not mind to stand in front of camera or audiences

3. Open mindedness

4. Basic hygiene and tidiness

5. Responsive and responsible

6. Have a personal story that attracts or associated with the works

7. Have an identifiable style or technique throughout the collections of work.

I hesitated to put the criteria of being “creative“, because it is a common element for artist and designers, whether famous or not.

For those who did not match the list, do not be upset. This is just a list of traits that might help. Some famous artists who earn a living from their work, do not have such traits like standing in front of an audience, but a lot of them have friends, colleagues, or managers who help them.

But in the world of creative industry, everything is unexpected, there are so many exceptions. Some people say it is just luck, so good luck to you all!

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