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Embrace the moment - Automatic Drawing

Drawing, crafting, sculpting, ...... all these process are very much self indulging. The touch of each stroke, is pure awareness and expression. Do you enjoy what you are doing?

Being an artist requires more time by themselves. Some people describe it as “being in the mood“ and ideas just flow continuously. Even for a businessman, there are times when these proposals and ideas just flows through. This process is mesmerizing, and often ultra effective to get things done.

If you have not experienced this before, you might be perhaps a bit too stressed in life or simply to busy with your brain. So a good way to start slowing down to make room for creativity is to do Automatic Drawing.

Automatic drawing is a process of drawing randomly without thinking, one that reveals the subconscious mind; a method to suppress the conscious mind thinking. I find it a good exercise to empty out any grasping of emotions, stress, and other worldly matters.

When you search online about automatic drawing it often shows surreal drawings or just scribbles. However, the first time I heard about this method is from a video introducing one of the best anime artist delivers his work. Some art pieces are well drawn and was done on first attempt under such “drawing mood”.

Give it a try today and let us know about it. Hashtag #YANGart #automaticdrawing for us to feature your work on Instagram!

Enjoy your day!

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