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As designers, artists, and other crafters, we need to learn to allocate time wisely unlike a general successful business person. We need the atmosphere and time to create instead of simply running the business. For creatives who are struggling to find the sweet spot of working, we are here to help.



We are here to provide advice on your creative business. But we are not any other business consultant, we are here to help your business best cope with your creative mind (ability), personality, and resources. So we have three main types of services.

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For creatives who has no direction, not sure about their unique strength, or do not know their position in the market.

During our consultation sessions, we will look into your products and go through what you love to do, hate to do, need to do, and those you don't mind doing. This is the first stage of the process.

We will then reorganise your talents and weakness and find your position in the industry or explore how you can develop something totally new if that is your case. 

During the process, our role is more than simply organising your thoughts, but also to remind you what you have missed out in the whole picture and also to develop a plan B. Set some short term check points with you to see if you need to pivot or should continue. 

We are going through all these together, so you will be able to pick up the skill set to help yourself in the future. A long term solution for any business is to learn it yourself, and make it your way.

For more info, you may read our "why we started YANG" article in the blog.


Small problems or just double checking your decision.

Sometimes you only need an outsider to provide some advice, or simply to reconfirm the decision you have made is reasonable or not.

There is no right or wrong decision, just better or worse; sometimes they are equal, but just a matter of perspective. 

We are here to guide you through any stuck point as long as you are ready to share. Are you ready?

For more information on our consultation perspective, you may read the "Why we started YANG" article in the blog.

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For those who has no idea or got stuck to a few ideas in design and marketing ideas.

You are those who know what to do, but got stuck on how to do, you probably just need some more brains to think with you.

Not only do we provide suggestions, we can also draw ideas together, research together, and simply check whether your collections are representing you. Art is subjective, but the organising part could use some help.

These kind of design ideas are sensitive and usually confidential. We all go by strict code of honour to keep your ideas hidden until you are ready to show the world.



15 mins free consulting available for  independent jewellery designers.

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